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Buck Knives - Choosing the right knifeEver wondered which is the right knife for you? Check out our Product Knowledge sheet and Choose the right knife.
Buck 055 The 55 Folding Hunter
View Details for BUCK055BRS
NZ$ 134.99
Buck 284 Bantam BBW Folder
View Details for BUCK284BKS
NZ$ 49.99
Available Early October
Buck 284 Bantam BBW Pink Blaze Camo
View Details for BUCK284CMS10
NZ$ 59.99
Buck 284 Bantam BBW Blaze Camo
View Details for BUCK284CMS9
NZ$ 59.99
Buck 285 Bantam BLW Folder
View Details for BUCK285BKS
NZ$ 59.99
Buck 285 Bantam BLW Pink Blaze Camo
View Details for BUCK285CMS10
NZ$ 69.99
Buck 286 Bantam BHW Folder
View Details for BUCK286BKS
NZ$ 69.99
Buck 300 Glacier
View Details for BUCK300BKS
NZ$ 79.99
Buck 301 Stockman Folder
View Details for BUCK301BKS
NZ$ 119.99
Buck 305 Lancer Folder - Valox Handle
View Details for BUCK305BKS
NZ$ 84.99
Out of Stock
Buck 327 Nobleman Folder - Stainless
View Details for BUCK327SSS
NZ$ 74.99
Available Early October
Buck 327 Nobleman Folder - Titanium Coated
View Details for BUCK327TTS
NZ$ 84.99
Out of Stock
Buck 328 Graduate
View Details for BUCK328BWS
NZ$ 79.99
Buck 345 Vantage Select
View Details for BUCK345BKS
NZ$ 89.99
Out of Stock
Buck 389 Canoe Folder
View Details for BUCK389BRS
NZ$ 64.99
Available Early October

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