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Tica Carbon 551 300g PE4-8 Jigging Rod | JUGA616501C

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Tica Carbon 551 300g PE4-8 Jigging Rod
Product Code: JUGA616501C
NZ$ 194.99
Features: Tica Carbon series jig rods are constructed using high modulus graphite composite materials to be light weight
and give immense lifting power, ideal for dealing to XOS Kingfish, and Dogtooth Tuna.

The Carbon 165C-300 has a parabolic action and is perfect for speed jigging with a free spool reel, like the
Tica Victor TYA5R or Tica Toptec SWA10R jig reel.

The carbon wrapped blank is finished with hi density EVA grips, ALPS guides, and graphite reel seat.

These high performance rods were designed by Tica for the Japanese market.

Suitable for up to 300gm jigs and PE rating #4 to #8.

1pce Blank 1.67m