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Precision Pak Arctic Seal Dry Backpack 20L | PPASDB20

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Precision Pak Arctic Seal Dry Backpack 20L
Product Code: PPASDB20
NZ$ 79.99
Features: The Arctic Seal 20 litre back pack is a must-have bag for all outdoors folk doing water-sports activities.
Made with soft sturdy 420D nylon TPU and welded seams, with a roll down water proof closure,
the contents of these bags will stay dry even if submerged in water.

The day bag features a padded harness that can be easily removed converting it to a carry bag, also
making the bag more streamlined for stowing in a tight space.

The air valve on the side can be used to remove all the air to make the bag more compact, or you can
add air to inflate the bag so it will float.

The roll down top creates a perfect seal to keep the contents of the bag dry even if submerged in water.

A nicely sized dry day bag that is designed to keep your gear dry while fishing, tripping down the river or
hiking through the forest.

Capacity: approx 20 litres.