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Precision Pak Mohave Dry Duffel Bag 90L | PPDRYBAG

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Precision Pak Mohave Dry Duffel Bag 90L
Product Code: PPDRYBAG
NZ$ 109.99
Features: PrecisionPak Mohave 90 litre Dry Duffel Bag This is a must-have bag for all outdoorsmen
and women doing water-sports activities. Ideal to stash your warm clothes away
for safe keeping, or have your lifejackets and safety gear readily available in this
water resistant, compressible dry duffel bag.

Very light and made of 0.65mm double laminated PVC in safety orange, there is a
removable zip out liner and a waterproof dry-zip to close the bag. Built-in shoulder-straps
and carry handle make for easy carrying.

Size: 90cmx36cmx36cm.
Capacity: approx 90 litres