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Fully Rigged

Kilwell NZ Outriggers Fully Rigged - Bolt on Base
View Details for BLANK1RIGGED
Kilwell NZ Outriggers Fully Rigged -with Bent Base
View Details for KBBO
Kilwell Stiffyriggers - Bent Base Rigged (pr)
View Details for KSRBB
Kilwell Stiffyriggers - Bolt on Rigged (pr)
View Details for KSRBO
Kilwell NZ Outriggers PP42 Rigged - Powerpole
View Details for PP42NB
Kilwell NZ Outriggers PP47 Rigged 4.6m Bk (pr)
View Details for PP475BKNB
NZ$ 899.99
Kilwell NZ Outriggers - Shotgun Rigger
View Details for SHTRI

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