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Game - Lead


Game (field) shotshells are used for hunting, while Competition (target) shotshells are used to break clays.

Game loads are generally considered to cover shot sizes 6 all the way up to size T and include all of the buckshot sizes. Competition shotshells generally start at shot size 7, and end at shot size 9. Of course, there are exceptions. Smaller shot sizes, such as size 10, may be used to hunt certain game birds such as quail. It all depends on what you are hunting.

As there is much overlap in application of field shotshell/game combinations, when choosing your game load be sure to consider your game as well as the distance you are shooting from, and the payload of the round. The shot size of all products can be found in the description of each product along with the weight of shot loaded in the round.

Winchester SuperX 28G 6 2¾" 28gm (high brass) (25)
View Details for X28H6
NZ$ 39.99
Winchester SuperX .410G 4 3" 19gm (25)
View Details for X4134
NZ$ 34.99
Out of Stock
Winchester SuperX .410G 6 3" 19gm (25)
View Details for X4136
NZ$ 34.99
Winchester SuperX .410G 7 3" 19gm (25)
View Details for X4137
NZ$ 34.99
Winchester SuperX .410G r/slug 3" 7gm (5)
View Details for X413RS5
NZ$ 9.99
Available Late April
Winchester SuperX .410G 4 2½" 14gm (25)
View Details for X414
NZ$ 29.99
Winchester SuperX .410G 6 2½" 14gm (25)
View Details for X416
NZ$ 29.99
Winchester SuperX .410G 7½ 2½" 14gm (25)
View Details for X417
NZ$ 29.99
Winchester SuperX .410G r/slug 2½" 6gm (5)
View Details for X41RS5
NZ$ 9.99
Available Late April
Winchester SuperX 20G 3 Buck 2¾" 20 Pellet (5)
View Details for XB203
NZ$ 12.99
Winchester SuperX .410G OOO 2½" 3 Pellet (5)
View Details for XB41000
NZ$ 12.99
Available Late April
Winchester SuperX .410G OOO 3" 5 Pellet (5)
View Details for XB413
NZ$ 12.99
Winchester SuperX 12G Blank 2¾" Black Powder (25)
View Details for XBP12
NZ$ 64.99
Winchester SuperX TrialPopper 12G Blank 2¾" smkles
View Details for XP12
NZ$ 289.99
Winchester SuperX 12G Sabot Slug 3" 28gm (5)
View Details for XRS123
NZ$ 19.99

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