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Please note: We will not ship a carton of clay targets on their own. They will get broken. If you choose to purchase a case, there will be a delay in delivery for this item, as it will need to be shipped with another larger order to a sports store in your region. Please expect a delay for this product.

Clay Targets

Laporte 70mm Orange (300)
View Details for LP70MMOR
NZ$ 139.99
Laporte Battue Black 108mm (234)
View Details for LPBATBLK
NZ$ 89.99
Laporte Battue Orange 108mm (234)
View Details for LPBATOR
NZ$ 89.99
Laporte Grand Prix Black 110mm (150)
View Details for LPBLK
NZ$ 44.99
Laporte Orange Flash - Pink Powder 110mm (150)
View Details for LPFLASHPK
NZ$ 79.99
Laporte Standard Green 110mm (150)
View Details for LPGRN
NZ$ 44.99
Laporte Midi Black 90mm (160)
View Details for LPMIDIBLK/160
NZ$ 69.99
Laporte Midi Orange 90mm (160)
View Details for LPMIDIOR/160
NZ$ 69.99
Laporte Mini Black 60mm (408)
View Details for LPMINIBLK
NZ$ 129.99
Laporte Mini Orange 60mm (408)
View Details for LPMINIOR
NZ$ 129.99
Laporte Grand Prix Orange Natural 0 PAH (150)
View Details for LPNAT/OR
NZ$ 44.99
Laporte Grand Prix Fluro Orange 110mm (150)
View Details for LPOR
NZ$ 44.99
Laporte Standard Pink 110mm (150)
View Details for LPPK
NZ$ 44.99
Out of Stock
Laporte Auto Rabbit Black 110mm (160)
View Details for LPRABBLK/160
NZ$ 79.99
Laporte Auto Rabbit Orange 110mm (160)
View Details for LPRABOR/160
NZ$ 79.99

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