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Orvis - Sporting traditions since 1856 

Kilwell is thrilled to announce the release of the ever popular Orvis brand into our range of freshwater fishing gear. Orvis is the trusted source of discovery and adventure in the natural world. For more than a century and a half, they have loved the wild, explored it, and protected it. At their core they are a fly-fishing brand, inspired by nature, driven by curiosity, and fulfilled by adventure. Orvis is the world leader in fly fishing.

 Orvis Wader Size Chart - Download PDF Orvis Wader Size Chart

Orvis Waders Encounter Mens
View Details for 0H1R01
Orvis Rod Recon Fly
View Details for 14S5164
Orvis Pack Safe Passage Camo Sling 10lt
View Details for 14ZF1200
NZ$ 189.99
Orvis Pack Safe Passage Olive Sling 10lt
View Details for 14ZF2100
NZ$ 189.99
Orvis Pack Safe Passage Guide Camo Sling 23lt
View Details for 14ZH1200
NZ$ 269.99
Orvis Pack Safe Passage Carry It All L 1104 Camo
View Details for 14ZX1253
NZ$ 379.99
Orvis Pack Safe Passage Carry It All M 904 Olive
View Details for 14ZX2152
NZ$ 379.99
Orvis Wading Boot Encounter
View Details for 16F021
Orvis Wading Boot Access
View Details for 16FY09
Orvis Wet Wading Neoprene Guard Sock
View Details for 1P2X
Orvis PolyLeader 7' Trout
View Details for 1R5G
Orvis Waders Encounter Womens
View Details for 1Z6N01
Orvis Tippet Bar - Black
View Details for 2ANB0100
NZ$ 19.99
Out of Stock
Orvis Pack Safe Passage Extra Dividers (4pc)
View Details for 2BAS2100
NZ$ 19.99
Out of Stock
Orvis Wading Jacket Encounter
View Details for 2CL018

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