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Kilwell Spin Combo LED Disco Stix 562 Mix (6) | DISPIN56

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Kilwell Spin Combo LED Disco Stix 562 Mix (6)
Product Code: DISPIN56
NZ$ 313.99
Available Early February
Features: ** Sold only in an outer carton of 6 x asstd colour rod and reel combos **

The Kilwell LED Disco Stix Spinning Rod and Reel Combo puts a fun twist to fishing.
Once you start spinning the reel you will see exactly why they call it the disco stick.
Dynamo gearing creates power for this little reel to light up a selection of LED lights
as the reel turns.
Great for kids as they will be entertained from these flashing lights alone.
This combo comes in two colours: Fluro Yellow, and Fire Tiger.
Combo Features:
1.68m 2pce rod with cast weight 3-12gms
Pre-spooled ambidextrous reel
Gear ratio: 5.1:1
LED lights on rotor turn on when reel handle is turned.

Like all Kilwell branded products these combos have a Kilwell Lifetime Warranty. 

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