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IMPORTANT: All firearms or ammunition purchases will not be dispatched until we receive a completed Firearms Authorisation Form from the Police. The information required for the seller/supplier information can be found here.

Please print the form, fill it out and take it to your local Police station with your firearms license. Once filled in and signed by the Police they will send it to us. Your goods will not be dispatched from Kilwell until this form has been received by us. 

NOTE: You cannot have your goods delivered to a store and show them your licence. As Kilwell are the seller, we must have your licence verified. 


Steyr SSG 08 .300WM Folding Stock
View Details for 60.582.3K
NZ$ 10999.00
Steyr SSG04 A1 .308Win Black Stock
View Details for 60.633.3G
NZ$ 7699.00
Steyr SM12 .270Win
View Details for 66.26460.100002A
NZ$ 5499.00
CZ 527 Carbine .223 Rem
View Details for CZ223CAR
NZ$ 1799.00
Available Early March
CZ 527 Carbine Synthetic .223 Rem
View Details for CZ223CARSYN
NZ$ 1619.00
Out of Stock
CZ 527 American .223 Rem
View Details for CZ223CLM
NZ$ 1999.00
Out of Stock
CZ 527 Ebony Edition .223 Rem
View Details for CZ223EE
NZ$ 2579.00
Out of Stock
CZ 527 Varmint Laminated Stock .223 Rem
View Details for CZ223VRT
NZ$ 1879.00
Available Early March
CZ 527 American .22 Hornet
View Details for CZ22HCLM
NZ$ 1979.00
CZ 527 American 6.5 Grendel
View Details for CZ527AM65GRN
NZ$ 1949.00
Out of Stock
CZ 527 Lux .223 Rem
View Details for CZ527LUX223
NZ$ 1829.00
Available Early March
CZ 527 Lux .22 Hornet
View Details for CZ527LUX22H
NZ$ 1859.00
Out of Stock
CZ 527 Suppressor Line 7.62 X 39
View Details for CZ527SL76239
NZ$ 1769.00
Out of Stock
CZ 550 Magnum Lux .458 Win Mag
View Details for CZ550ML458WM
NZ$ 3249.00
Out of Stock
CZ 557 American 6.5 Creedmoor
View Details for CZ557AM65CM
NZ$ 2079.00
Out of Stock

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