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Kilwell Sports

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Saltwater Fishing

Welcome to Kilwell - the home of Saltwater Fishing. We have a huge range of saltwater fishing gear - including rods, reels, lines, lures and tackle. 

Rod types include boat, game, general purpose, spin, soft bait, kayak and surfcasting, while you can purchase baitcasting, baitfeeding, spin, jig or general purpose reels. 

Our lines category has monofilament, braid, fluorocarbon and wire and over in the terminal tackle category you will find an extensive range of lures, soft baits, hooks, sinkers and all sorts of gear needed for rigging.

Our tools include nets, gaffs, knives, pliers and tag poles. And the saltwater fishing accessories area will keep any keen fisherman excited with gimbal belts, smokers, waders, bait accessories, gloves and rod building equipment. 

Correct rod angle for fighting fish:

Correct rod angle for fighting fish