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Fixed Blade

Please Note: These items are classed as Restricted Products and you must be over 18 years of age to purchase them. Please refer to the Restricted Products Terms & Conditions for more information before you complete your purchase.

Buck Knives - Choosing the right knife Four steps to buying the right Buck Knife
Ever wondered which is the right knife for your job? Check out our Product Knowledge sheet and Choose the right knife for your task. Check out this Product Knowledge Sheet on Buying the Right Knife.
Buck 691 Zipper
View Details for BUCK691BKG
NZ$ 249.99
Buck 692 Vanguard Rubber
View Details for BUCK692BKS
NZ$ 239.99
Buck 853 Small Selkirk
View Details for BUCK853BRS
NZ$ 154.99
Buck 863 Selkirk
View Details for BUCK863BRS
NZ$ 199.99
Buck 673 BuckLite / 135 PakLite Combo - Clam
View Details for BUCKCMBO0130-C
NZ$ 124.99
Out of Stock
Buck 684 BuckLite / 135 PakLite® Combo
View Details for BUCKCMBO156
NZ$ 124.99
Remington Sportsman Fixed 9.3"
View Details for R10001
NZ$ 59.99
Remington Sportsman Fixed 7.45"
View Details for R10002
NZ$ 49.99
Remington Sportsman Fixed 7.45" Clam
View Details for R10002-C
NZ$ 49.99
Remington F.A.S.T. Fixed 10.6" Black
View Details for R20005
NZ$ 59.99
Remington F.A.S.T. Fixed 10.6" MO Blaze Bead Blast
View Details for R20007
NZ$ 74.99
Remington F.A.S.T. Fixed 10.6" MO Blaze BBlast Cla
View Details for R20007-C
NZ$ 74.99
Out of Stock
Remington Heritage Fixed 7.4" Wood Handle
View Details for R40000
NZ$ 89.99
Out of Stock
Remington Heritage Fixed 7.4" Wood Handle Clam
View Details for R40000-C
NZ$ 89.99
Remington Sportsman 3 piece Hunting Field Set
View Details for R60006
NZ$ 94.99

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