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Pilla Outlaw X6 ZEISS 3 Lens Kit | OUTLAWX3LZEISS

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Pilla Outlaw X6 ZEISS 3 Lens Kit
NZ$ 1209.00

The new Outlaw X powered by ZEISS VIVX lenses is certified to be a perfect optical instrument.
The front bar has been taken out of the frame so the visual sight picture is unmatched. The shooter
is presented with an unobstructed view without any imperfection or visual obstruction.

The temple design allows for extremely quick changing of the lens technology to maximise the
performance of the product in any lighting condition.

The nose bridge is made of soft rubber and can be customised to fit any shape nose by expanding
the width of the nose assembly.

No other shooting glass technology provides more sight picture than the Outlaw X. The visual field
is completely unobstructed as there is no front frame.

Our new VIVX platform delivers a richer and even more defined high definition colour filtration
system specifically designed to enhance clay targets better than any lens science engineered to
date. PILLA ZEISS is tuned specifically to amplify clay targets in various lighting conditions.

The Outlaw X has an integrated prescriptive system. It is unique in that it uses no metal parts in
the design offering a significant reduction in weight. The frame for the insert is made out of the lens
material to offer seamless integration of the prescriptive lenses while further reducing weight to the
frame. Since the frame of the insert is made from our lens material and is clear, the frame disappears
from your vision.

Supplied as a 3 lens set with protective hard lockable case, microfibre lens bags and cleaning cloth.
17 different Pilla Zeiss VIVX lenses to choose from. Contact to make
your lens choice.

Pilla provide a Lifetime Warranty against lens breakage.