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Kilwell NZ v Kilwell - A definition

Kilwell NZ rods are designed and made right here in New Zealand, in our Rotorua factory (Kilwell Fibretube).  These include the Xantu, Innovation, Original and Presentation series in Fly rods, and International, Life Fibre (L/F2) and Sceptre in Saltwater Rods. 

Kilwell rods are imported from overseas. Over the years our buyers have spent considerable time in Asia where they have identified the very best rod making factories that can produce fishing rods worthy of carrying the Kilwell branding. The result is a series of price pointed rods made to our stringent specifications and ideally suited to New Zealand conditions.

Both Kilwell NZ and Kilwell carry the Kilwell Lifetime Warranty.


Kilwell Black Shadow 601 8-12kg Boat Rod
View Details for BLS601BT
NZ$ 35.99
Out of Stock
Kilwell Boner 501 8-15kg Rod
View Details for KB501BT
NZ$ 29.99
Kilwell NZ L/F Braid 6' 10-15kg Boat Rod
View Details for LF1015BRAID
NZ$ 399.99
Kilwell XP 631 10-15kg Boat Rod
View Details for XP1901BT
NZ$ 99.99
Kilwell XP 701 8-10kg Strayline Rod
View Details for XP2141SL
NZ$ 124.99
Kilwell NZ Xantu 701 15kg Spin Rod
View Details for XTU15LB
NZ$ 449.99
Tica Traveller 704 4pc 15kg Boat/Spin Rod
View Details for BIEAA21004-S
NZ$ 134.99
Tica Traveller 704 4pc 24kg Boat Rod
View Details for BIEBA21004
NZ$ 125.99
Tica Traveller 704 4pc 24kg Boat/Spin Rod
View Details for BIEBA21004-S
NZ$ 179.99
Tica Magma 601 Red PE5 Braid Rod
View Details for TICMART
NZ$ 269.99

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