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IMPORTANT: All firearms or ammunition purchases will not be dispatched until we receive a completed Firearms Authorisation Form from the Police. The information required for the seller/supplier information can be found here.

Please print the form, fill it out and take it to your local Police station with your firearms license. Once filled in and signed by the Police they will send it to us. Your goods will not be dispatched from Kilwell until this form has been received by us. 


Winchester SuperX .22LR 36gr LHP 1280fps 555pk
View Details for 22LR555HP
NZ$ 69.99
Out of Stock
Winchester Power Point .22WMR 45gr HP (500) 1760fp
View Details for 22MPP45
NZ$ 294.99
Winchester Power Point .22WMR 40gr HP 1760fps(500)
View Details for 22MPP
NZ$ 264.99
Out of Stock
Winchester Subsonic .22WMR 45gr HP (500) 1065fps
View Details for 22MSUB45
NZ$ 294.99
Out of Stock
Winchester Bushman .22LR 37.5gr HP 1290fps CP(500)
View Details for BM22LRH
NZ$ 94.99
Winchester Laser .22LR 37.5gr HP 1370fps (500)
View Details for LAS22LRH
NZ$ 149.99
Winchester Power Point Max .22LR 42gr HP CP (500)
View Details for PP22LRH42
NZ$ 119.99
Winchester Power Point .22LR 40gr HP CP (500)
View Details for PP22LRH
NZ$ 99.99
Winchester Supreme .17HMR 17gr V-Max 2550fps (50)
View Details for S17HMR1
NZ$ 44.99
Winchester Supreme .17WSM 20gr Vrt HV 3000fps (50)
View Details for S17W20
1 - 9 , NZ$ 44.99
10 or more NZ$ 22.50
Winchester Supreme .17WSM 25gr HE 2600fps (50)
View Details for S17W25
1 - 9 , NZ$ 49.99
10 or more NZ$ 25.00
Winchester Supreme .22WMR 30gr JHP 2250fps (250)
View Details for S22M2
NZ$ 129.99
Out of Stock
Winchester Supreme .22WMR 34gr JHP 2120fps (250)
View Details for S22WM
NZ$ 129.99
Out of Stock
Winchester Super Speed .22LR 40gr Solid CP (500)
View Details for SS22LRT
NZ$ 129.99
Winchester Super Speed .22LR 37.5gr HP CP (500)
View Details for SS22LRHT
NZ$ 129.99

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