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Kilwell Fishing Rods

Kilwell NZ rods are designed and made right here in New Zealand, in our Rotorua factory. 
Kilwell rods are imported from overseas, made in only the very best rod making factories.
Both Kilwell NZ and Kilwell rods carry the Kilwell Lifetime Warranty. Learn More


Get started with our freshwater jigging guide.
Kilwell NZ SLR 1002 Salmon Lure Rod
View Details for GRAFLURE
NZ$ 399.99
Kilwell XP 631 PE2 230gr Slow Pitch Jig Rod
View Details for XP1901SPJ
NZ$ 116.99
Kilwell XP 702 20-56g Freespool Rod
View Details for XP2132FS
NZ$ 109.99
Kilwell XP 802 6-8kg Jig/Spin Rod
View Details for XP2442BC
NZ$ 132.99
Kilwell XP 802 20-56g Freespool Rod
View Details for XP2442FS
NZ$ 107.99
Kilwell Xtreme 2 562 2-4kg Trout Jig Rod
View Details for XTR2JG
NZ$ 35.99
Tica Reaper 80-200g Slow Pitch Rod
View Details for TICRSJ632M
NZ$ 129.99
Available Late October

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