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Kilwell Sports

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Restricted Products

New Zealand Customers

Some product groups on our site (Air Weapons and Accessories, Knives, Paintball products, Slingshots and Accessories) carry a condition that an age restriction of over 18 years applies. 

For these products, you will be reminded at checkout to read these conditions. By submitting your order you are confirming that you understand the over 18-year requirement and therefore you are legally entitled to purchase these items.  You are also agreeing that you are not purchasing the items on behalf of any person who is not of the appropriate age.

Firearms, Magazines, Ammunition and some associated parts, require a firearms licence to own and specific Police approval via the Firearms Authorisation Form to purchase online.

These product groups have a message reminding you of these requirements a link to the form you will need to print, complete and take to your nearest Arms Officer for approval.  The details required for the seller/supplier section are as follows:

Surname: Wells
Forename: Geoffrey Thomas
Phone Number: 07 345 9094
Business Name: Kilwell Sports
Firearms License Number: T5076627
Expiry Date: 26/08/2022

The Police Station will complete the form and send it to us. Your order will be set aside and on receipt of the correctly authorised form, we will freight your purchase to your delivery address.

International Customers

Please note that not all products displayed on the site can be exported from New Zealand.  The following groups of products can be viewed on the website, but can not be added to your shopping cart.

  • Firearms and associated parts, Knives, Air weapons, Slingshots and Paintball products.  Regulations both here and internationally prohibit the export of these items.
  • All Dangerous Goods.  Freight restrictions make these items uneconomic to export.