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Enjoy the benefits of a KILWELL LIFETIME WARRANTY against faulty materials, components and workmanship, for the lifetime of your Kilwell Branded product. Should you ever have a claim we ask you to return the item to us with proof of purchase, your contact details, and a description of the problem. Warranty applies to original purchaser only.

Accidental damage, neglect and fair wear and tear are not covered by this extended warranty.

Freight charges will apply if you request overseas shipping.











In the unlikely event of a warranty claim, submission of your registration card will ensure your claim is handled with speed, efficiency and honest service.
The Buck Knives Forever Warranty is pretty much what it says. A Buck Knife is built to last. But if for some reason, your Buck is defective due to materials or workmanship, you can return it for repair.
We will repair your knife, including parts, labour and or replacement with a new knife at our discretion. Keep in mind; repair is not always possible or practical. We will replace your knife with the same or one that is comparable if your knife is no longer available. Please note if your knife has sentimental value when you send the knife to us.
If your knife needs to be repaired, please send it to us for evaluation. Don’t try to repair it yourself. Self–repair will void your warranty, not to mention that it could cause self–injury.

Reasons why we may charge you a small fee for a repair:

  • Damage caused by misuse or abuse.
  • Failure to care, clean and maintain your knife.
  • Damage due to self–repair.
  • Knife loss due to shipping to and from the Buck Knives factory
  • Damage due to dismantling or tampering with your Buck knife
  • Sharpening your Buck knife on a grinder.







TiCA reels are precision manufactured using the very latest technology and highest grade materials. TiCA reels will give the owner many years of enjoyment. TiCA has manufactured this reel in accordance with high quality standards and when it is used in the manner intended, it has a limited warranty for the original purchaser against defects in material and workmanship for a period of 10 years from the date of purchase. Kilwell Sports Ltd will repair or replace any defective reel, if faulty, as it deems most suitable. This warranty does not cover claims for problems caused by normal wear and tear, misuse, neglect corrosion or loss of line or other associated tackle or damage resulting from a malfunction. This warranty does not cover reels used for commercial purposes. Kilwell Sports Ltd is not responsible for freight or loss or damage of goods in transit to Kilwell Sports Ltd, but will return warranty repaired reels at no charge within New Zealand.
To request a warranty repair, please return the reel to the TiCA stockist where you made your purchase, along with the warranty card and your proof of purchase, or contact Kilwell Customer Service to discuss your options: 07 345 9094
  • Do remove any sand or salt using freshwater and a damp cloth, tighten the drag first.
  • Do dry the reel then wipe or spray with a suitable tackle lubricant.
  • Do lubricate any moving parts.
  • Do loosen the drag AFTER washing and before storing the reel.
  • Do take your reel for annual service at a qualified dealer.
  • Don’t leave your reel covered in salt
  • Don’t use your reel for anything other than what it was designed to do.
  • Don’t use a hose to clean your reel, it may force salt and sand further into your reel.
  • Don’t disassemble your reel; take it to your TiCA Dealer for repair.

Meopta Warranty








Simple Warranty (since 2010): Valid for 2 Years. This is extendable to 10 years upon free registration within 30 days of purchase. Valid only on new (not used products). This must be done on the Meopta Website.
Valid only on Riflescopes from lines ZD to MeoTac.
Standard Warranty: Valid for10 Years.
Valid only on all MeoPro lines, Meopta oculars for spotting scopes.
Extended Warranty (since 2010):  Valid for10 Years. This is extendable to 30 years upon free registration within 30 days from the purchase. Valid only one new (not used products). This must be done on the Meopta Website
Valid only on MeoStar R1, MeoStar R2, Artemis 2000, Artemis 2100, Artemis 3000, MeoSight, MeoRed, MeoStar B1, MeoRange (electronics 5 years only), MeoStar S1, MeoStar S2, TGA (applicable on body only).
All warranty claims must be submitted with the Warranty Certificate issued by Meopta and proof of purchase.
The Standard and Extended Warranty covers defects occurring under normal use of the product. Warranty is not valid for damages or defects resulting from abuse, misuse, neglect, failure to follow instructions for use, unauthorised alterations, modifications or repairs by an entity other than an Authorised Meopta Service Centre or normal wear and tear. The warranty does not apply to accessories installed in the product (eg. batteries)









The following fly rods only are covered by the Orvis 25 Year Guarantee:

  • Clearwater
  • Recon
  • Helios 3

Should you ever have a claim we ask you to return the item to us with proof of purchase, your contact details, and a description of the problem. Warranty applies to original purchaser only. If you wish to return a fly rod under this guarantee, there will be a $65.00 shipping charge to send the rod to the USA.

If waders are returned to Kilwell and they need to be repaired due to wear and tear, there will be a repair charge. Our Customer Service team will let you know how much this will be before proceeding.